Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 6 - May 28, 2017

Well week 6 when you are in the office is CRAZY. There are departing missionaries, incoming missionaries, trainers meeting trainee meetings, Missionary Leadership Council, lots of guests at the house (including the rats still) and of course this is the week the ward decided to include the missionaries in Ward Choir practice every other all in all we were only able to work 17 hours which was a bummer. BUT we still have good news to report and I am so excited to have a full week of work next week to start of this last transfer right!!
MLC with my old companion Sister Barbante and my old district leader Elder Munda
Sister Thurman, the mission secretary we love :) 

Oh and this week our power got cut for a couple days so we got to have sleepovers at the other sister's house.
How kawawa we looked transferring from house to house with no power.
I love seeing Sister Ellsworth!! We are going to be roommates at BYU when she gets home :)

John John- The grandchild of Nanay Nida our baptism in April- he is SO amazing!! This little 10 year old chastises the other kids for not listening in our lessons and he reminds his grandma the whole week about church. He has already spoken to his father about being baptized and becoming a missionary. The goal for his baptism is this saturday! The faith of kids is amazing.
Nanay Nida 

The rest of our investigators....well we are keeping a couple and have to let go of some that love the missionaries, but don't love commitments. Which means finding this week!

Funny Moment: We have been in the office so much that it has started to feel like my second home. And my family knows, at home...I do random weird dancing. So that happened one night for like two seconds to relieve some stress, and my apo Elder Bagtasos just comes up and goes (he's practicing on his English) "What's your problem? Are you dancing?" My companion and I died 1- at his English but 2- because most of the missionaries, especially elders, only know me as kind of a strict missionary hahah so we was shocked at seeing the real sister Walters! Soooo funny.

masama ang pakirdamam ko- My feeling is bad (The equivalent of "I feel sick")

Health Update: 
Thank you for the prayers fam I love you so much and I have felt them in that we haven't lost any work time due to sickness! Although President tells me to go the hospital and rest when he sees me nauseous or dizzy's okay. Time is limited! I will be more healed out working than in a hospital, right? :)

House Update: 
We found the rat home. Cleaning that with rats popping out everywhere and scurrying around because their home was being torn my gross tolerance has shot up here.
Surprise visit from Sister Hazel (our recent convert in my last area)

Spiritual Thought:
President showed a video of a talk from Elder Holland about Jesus Christ's conversation or almost more of interrogation with Peter. He asks him three times if he loves him, and we know Peter is sensitive about threes by this point ;) But Elder Holland was so expressive about how literally Jesus Christ means to say, "When I said leave your nets, I meant forever. Don't go back, don't look back, if you love me. Feed my sheep." I thought of how many times the Lord has felt exasperated with me when I forget my promise to Him with all my heart and mind, and instead think of my personal wants and priorities.
I know as I focus on my love for our savior Jesus Christ, I will be able to accomplish not only the goals that I want for this transfer, but the plans that HE has for this part of the vineyard he has entrusted to my companion and I . I know I have a lot of growing to do still and can only achieve that by putting Him first in my life, and letting that love for Him increase my love for others and our investigators.
I feel so blessed to be a missionary and to be able to wear His name on my chest all day, every day. I know it has power! I am determined to be worthy of it and live like Him, all the rest of my mission days, and even after, so I can truly learn how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, the savior that I love.

Sister Walters

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