Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Monday, May 15, 2017

May Pus Kasi

Highlight of the week
 was my adorable comp getting her ingrown toenail pulled out. She just got rushed into this operating room and Sister Tesch and I weren't allowed to go in. Then she comes out and stories about how she felt everything, the doctors just spoke fast Tagalog, and she was still pretty confused but still "slayed the surgery" as she puts it. We bought her a quarter pounder though from Macdo (McDonalds) and she was all right. 
Not too much to report cause we spent a few days helping her recover from the surgery but we did the best we could with the time we had and are happy to report.
Amy Magbanua is progressing towards her baptism on the 20th! It should have been this Saturday but we are going back to the capital, Manila next week so we have to move it. The only struggle is she still refuses to speak at the front after her baptism so...we're working on that ;) Trust in the Holy Ghost woman!! 

National Service Day was a success!!! We helped paint and clean a school. 

Tagalog Word:
Walis- Broom
The brooms here are just a bunch of bamboo sticks tied together. I'll attach a picture!
Spiritual Thought: 
Shout out to my fav lil girl Sister Tesch for sharing this in her our companionship study the other day.
I love in Alma 20 how the King doesn't kill his son Lamoni because of the love he sees that Ammon has for Him. That love and compassion become the gateway for Ammon to testify, the king's heart is softened, and later he is taught by Ammon's brother, and converted through the power of the Holy Ghost. 
It was just another reminder for me that no matter what our responsibilities are in life, or on a mission, the most Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father want from us is to truly love God, as Christ does, and subsequently. love all our brothers and sisters here, as Christ does. True love will lead us to unselfish service, willing obedience, and the "fountain of all righteousness".
We need to pray for that love and charity "fervently" as stated in Moroni 7:48. If we do that, and let the Lord put that love into our hearts, it will become the basis of our faith and hope in this life. And lead us to do what we need to gain happiness and eternal increase in the life to come.

Sister Walters 

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