Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hot water and more important miracles!

yes this is veggies and "banana katsup" that's a thing :) 

- This week we had a finding miracle! “Finding” is what you do when all your appointments fall and you literally just start from scratch talking to people on the street or knocking on doors to find someone to teach. We had one of those days and I literally just started walking, praying in my head I would know where to go. I felt to turn down this random alleyway, go down some random stairs, and then we passed by this door that was open with a family inside all looking at us! They let us into their home and we saw two Book of Mormons (or Books of Mormon, whatever floats your boat) on their book shelf..turns out the dad used to be an investigator! We were able to teach the whole family a first lesson J
- We also saw the power of referrals this week. A member family has a non member living in their house and asked us to begin teaching her! This yet another miracle golden investigator. She asked so many questions about living prophets, the book of Mormon, plan of salvation, and explained she feels a lack in her heart, in her life that the bible and other religions can’t seem to fill. You can imagine our excitement and joy knowing with our perfect gospel that we are so lucky to have, we could answer all her questions and fill that gap in her life! On our second lesson she had read the whole pamphlet we left, taught US the restoration, committed to read the Book of Mormon, and asked for another assignment haha J
- We got the chance to help teach in Primary because they are lacking some help there with the children haha you many different chances to serve as a missionary! It was weird to remember times when I as a primary child saw the missionaries and thought they were like super heros, and now I realize I learn more from the primary kids actually J
- WE HAVE HOT SHOWERS NOW! The landlord fixed our heater. No more buckets for us J 
one of my favorite lunches is tuna cabbage wraps and veggies with vinegar and pepper 

Missionaries can Laugh Too:
- Well I had one awesome mess up this week…an investigator asked what God’s foundation of his church was after we explained the restoration and how THIS is the same church that Christ established. I left her with a scripture to find the answer on her own but when I got home I realized it wasn’t the right one! I gave her Ephesians 2:20 which should have been Ephesians 4:20…yeah one says Christs foundation was built upon him and 12 apostles, and the other says “Ye have not yet known Christ.” That was great. 
You Know You’re in the Philippines When… 
- So mom don’t get freaked out but here they don’t really mind if you lack bathrooms because apparently the side of any road serves as one ….so that’s a bit awkward when we prepare to talk to someone and we find out their uh..busy. 
Tagalog Word of the Day:
- Pagbabayad-Sala ni JesuCristo (Atonement of Jesus Christ) 
Wweek of Miracles!e splurged one night and brought some ice cream to the roof top to do nightly planning and write in our journals! 

Spiritual Thought: 
- We really tried our best to follow the preach my gospel steps for weekly planning and not make it a basta-basta (half-hazardly) two hours. There is a section just for goals for ISM's (investigators who attend sacrament meeting) which maybe could be easily skipped over. We honestly set goals, made plans to achieve them, and did all that we could to carry them out. We set up for members to help investigators come, made special visits and personalized text reminders, and walked to pick one investigator up only to have them inform us there that they wouldn't be able to come. (In the Philippines they may or may not have a cell phone so you just walked to all your planned appointments and pray along the way that they won’t fall through haha) As we entered the chapel we had 0 ISMs and I almost started to question the blessings of our hard work and detailed planning, but in the 5 minutes before the meeting started we had 7 investigators show up to church that we hadn't planned on. This showed to me the Lord may not always give you the blessings or results that you want or ask for, because he has his own will and way, BUT what he requires from us is our honest best effort and then he will work with that spirit to bring about the causes he needs. I won't deny the power of planning and how god really appreciates our best effort! It reminded me of the story of the group of Nephites that went to find the Land of Zarahemla. They didn’t find what they were looking for but because they had “searched diligently” the Lord led them to the land of Desolation where they found the 24 Jaredite plates! We need to promise to the Lord to always do what he asks and make plans to be a dependent disciple of Christ, but we also need to be flexible to his will, because he may have something better in store for us than we even knew!
Mahal na Mahal ko kayo!!!

Sister Walters

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

If you thought it was always hot in the Philippines...


-Baptism!! The last of the Pascua family (their two sons) that are old enough, were baptized this Saturday!! It was again so incredible to see that change and light inside them even though they are only 11 and 9! They were so so happy on the day of their baptism and excited to receive a new "friend", the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. Now we are all just praying their father comes home from Manila soon so we can teach him as well! The change he will see in his family is absolutely incredible.

JP and JR Pascua!
-We were able to start teaching another amazing family named the Cases! They love the lessons and always schedule us so all four of them (Mom, dad, boy and girl) can be there. Scheduling is not like most Filipinos so that's pretty awesome haha. Our lessons have been so full of the spirit with them as we have members coming with us to testify of how the gospel is really the foundation of their family. We already see the hope building in them that an eternal family is truly possible through this gospel.

-Rain, Rain, Rain, and more Rain! I thought it was only hot in the Philippines's actually pretty freezing cause you're walking around in a skirt in the rain haha but hey missionary work is still so worth it! I just drink a lot of hot water and some spicy tuna.

-We have a new Mission President!! He is so funny and awesome and really wants to focus on charity and love, and the changes within us and our investigators. We got to have another Zone Conference which meant...good food :)

Missionaries Can Laugh Too...

So Sunday was a pretty awesome day...we walked 45 minutes in the windy cold rain to pick up an investigator for church and the sweet mom...wasn't there. Hahaha so we ended up getting lost on the other side of town to church and it was just a lovely morning but you know what my companion and I do in those situations? YOU JUST LAUGH. Honestly, God knows we are trying our best and I'm sure he laughed too at dripping faces when we realized Sister Martinez was not going to be coming to church with us after all hahaha :)

You Know You're in the Philippines When...

Raising your eyebrows is not creepy but a way of answering yes to a question, gesturing to someone, or actually a lot of little meanings, so don't think they are just trying to hit on you in a weird way.

Tagalog Word of the Day:

kawawa- pitiful (like our dripping clothes and hair every night :) )

Spiritual Thought:

As our new president has been focusing on Charity and Love I have been learning so much about how important it really is. Napakahalaga pala siya. (It's actually the most important) Even missionaries that are expert in doctrine, know the mysteries of God, have enough faith to move mountains, or can speak with the tongue of angels, they are not useful to God if they lack Charity. Just like Moroni describes charity as "kind and envieth not, long-suffering and never faileth" it is not just an attribute but a person we must become. Charity is our motivation for every action we do and the thought that precedes it. Our savior is the perfect example of this because he never turned inwards towards himself, no matter how severe his tribulations were. He didn't teach to show his knowledge but to enlighten the minds of others and bring them close to Heavenly Father as he was. This world encourages us to think first for our own welfare but I promise you brothers and sisters as we constantly focus our efforts and love towards our other siblings in Christ, HE will take care of us better than we can. Moroni 7:48 instructs us to pray to the father with all the energy of our hearts and ask him to fill us with the Charity and pure love of Christ. I challenge all of you to literally ask your father for this gift and then ACT on impressions to serve others. You will notice a change in our heart as you feel God's purest love for them because I know I am experiencing it every day.

Mahal Kita!

Sister Walters
they have readers digest here hahaha

you need to wash your feet as soon as you get home haha

us four as our district!

zone activity at the park!


Sunday, July 10, 2016


I promise I am still a proud American but if I am gonna be honest, I forgot what today was until another American missionary reminded me hahaha tunay na Filipino na ako! (I am now a true filipino) This week was so amazing with my awesome new companion! 


- We did a LOT of finding this week because we had two or three "punted" days. This is the term us missionaries use when all of our plans fall through or no one is home. (Like the feeling of the football when the kicker..kicks it haha) I really wanted my trainee to experience an awesome first week so we just kept our heads up, walked EVERYWHERE, and talked to EVERYONE. The lord really blessed us and we found 10 new investigators! You could say we earned our pillows at night, our legs are numb from walking hahaha, but it's a happy numb :) 

- Our recent baptisms are progressing really well in the church! Sister Lani already has a calling and Brother Arige passed his interview for the priesthood :) It's amazing to see the hand off to the ward! 

-We were able to meet a former investigator family and the spirit was amazing in our lesson with them! The mom was gone for all of the dad and children's lessons before, but now she is home and feels the blessings this gospel could give to her family! They were able to come to church as well, so I am really hoping we will be able to help them progress and feel the truth of this gospel :) Finding families is like finding a treasure chest hahaha 


You Know You're in the Philippines When...

Have I already talked about the Philippines squat? Apparently the most comfortable position here is sitting down, not with your behind actually on the ground but just in this like mid squat by with all your weight on your shins and heels. I wish I could describe it better but this is how everyone sits here! I am proud to say, I can sit like a real filipino now, my shins don't feel like their splitting haha! 


Missionaries Can Laugh Too...

1- I tried to make dinner for my child this week (a mission tradition is when you train you are their mom/dad haha) and I almost blew up the toaster oven making popcorn. Apparently you can't just use it like a microwave? 

2- I broke a chair at a members house...yup by sitting on it. That does wonders for your self-confidence hahaha all the missionaries there died because they know I'm not even 50 kilos but I was the one that broke a chair hahaha so embarrassing 


Tagalog Word of the Day...

"Bigla" means something happened out of the blue, all of the sudden 


Spiritual Thought...

A lot of the testimonies were about the power of the Priesthood. I cannot express my gratitude for this incredible gift to literally bless, and work miracles with the power of God, in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. I have many experiences with receiving blessings from my Father, my patriarchial blessing, being set-apart as a missionary, and I know my family is sealed together for all time and eternity because of my parent's sacred marriage in the temple by a worthy priesthood holder. Worthy men in our church can literally hold the power of our almighty God in their hands. We are his literal children and he intends to give us everything that he has, IF we are worthy. I am so excited for Brother Argie to experience this as he will be ordained next sunday and will be able to pass the sacrament. I love the scripture in D&C that states the power of the priesthood is inseparably connected to the powers of heaven. But power is different from authority. You may have the authority of the priesthood but the powers from heaven will not abide in any unworhthy soul. Bretheren of the church always strive to be worhty of the spirit and powers of the priesthood. You will be guided in your own life and bless your family more than you know. Even if you don't have many opportunities to exercise it, your example is apparent to others. Sisters, let us always be instruments of the Lord and examples to help the men remain worthy! I am so grateful for this doctrine and know it exists in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints alone. It is why we have the fullness of the gospel for this gift I will always be so grateful! 


Mahal kita!!

SIster Walters