Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Monday, May 1, 2017

Is This a Sign I will Have Four Children?

Everything has changed again this week aaand my prayers were answered! I got my fourth kid (am training again) and this time it's a filipina!!! So pumped. It's a little different though because she is a short term missionary while preparing for her actual calling so she hasn't even gone to the MTC yet, she came straight from her house. We teach her how to be a missionary, she teaches me Ilocano and cracks my back.

We are allowed to buy sunglasses so our eyes don't dye from the dust and the sun.
But really she has got this amazing fire for the work and always keeps us on our toes!! (We also have the same name :)) 

My literal name in the mission though is "Nay" now, short for "nanay" which means mother. Zone leaders even made me a special jersey for it hahaha. 

One of these guys here is a recent convert who writes about every missionary in this black journal. It's so funny! 

Exchanges this week! I love working in the other sisters' areas and getting to know their investigators better so I can have more effective follow-ups with them. We met one new guy- Larry- who is very prepared. He commented about the "aura" that I and my companion have, and actually all the members he knows. So we sat down, sang to him, and explained why. As he read Mosiah 3:19 from the Book of Mormon he fought tears from spilling as he was so impacted by the words- how we need to become saints in this life. We explained that's why this is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- his only true and living church where we can be cleansed from all carnal state and worldliness. It was a powerful lesson. 

Actually, the week was full of meeting more prepared people and the work is really progressing so thank you for all the support and prayers!! 

Tagalog / Ilocano / English
Alam ko ang Aklat ni Mormon ay totoo 
Ammok nga jay Libro ni Mormon ket agpaysu 
I know the Book of Mormon is True 

Philippines Moment:
Filipinos looveee the dance so for our FHE for this part member family we are gonna baptize, the sister missionaries led the game and everyone had to do their own dance moves- even the ward council brethren got way into it. 

Funny Moment:
Sister Tesch looveess street food ( chicken head, intestines, blood, etc.) 
Found a cheap rat trap for our little friend and of course, my fingers are the only thing it's caught so far. 

Spiritual Moment:
The Tan Family was really touched by our sharing of how the Holy Ghost is what pushed us to find their house and we had another lesson filled with the spirit for that family! I am really grateful for the Book of Mormon. The dad in the family had a lot of questions because he reads the bible pretty diligently. I love testifying of how the Book of Mormon goes hand in hand with the Bible and we will truly "draw nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book." As we read the whole introduction with their family- their doubts slowly went away and we saw they eagerness build to experience for themselves the miracle of the book. 

I know our prophet Thomas S. Monson was inspired when he shared his short but powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. "If you are currently not reading the Book of Mormon each day, please do so." It is the only way we can be in this world and not of it, truly live the gospel, become more like our savior Jesus Christ, and ultimately return to his presence. I firmly believe no man can enter to live with God without a bedrock understanding and testimony of this inspired and sacred book. Once again, Ammok nga jay Libro ni Mormon ket agpaysu!! 

Mahal ko kayong lahat mga kabsat (kapatid) (brothers and sisters) 
Ate Walters 

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