Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Monday, April 3, 2017

First Full Week in Lingsat

This area is awesome, the past missionaries here have a lot of potentials!! We met four that all said they really want to be baptized- that is the BEST feeling as a missionary! Once they have the desire, the missionary just has to be obedient and hardworking enough to be in tune with the spirit and teach effectively. 
When your companion gets a box this big sent to her full of cleaning supplies 

Here are two of them: 

Nanay Nida- is a a woman that had a stroke but limps to church every week. She wanted to study more and know everything about the church first but we read her the verses in Mosiah 18 about only needing the desire, willingness to serve others and follow the commandments, and being a witness of Christ to be baptized. On our next visit, she said she read in the Book of Mormon about not procrastinating and said she is so eager to be baptized as soon as possible. YES!! 

Edwin and Joy Casugay- the cutest couple on the earth. Both are excited to be baptized but, story of a missionary's life...they need to be married first. The ward is super willing to help them get married though so keep them in your prayers! Joy always chastises her husband not reading the scriptures enough or she ends up sharing to him in the lesson and it's just adorable. 

My companion is so adorable and has loved working so hard. I apologized for having such a fast pace but she said it's been the best week of her mission! 

It’s definitely summer now...hottest I've ever experienced. Also, the power turns off (brown out) every other day so now we have to store buckets of water in the house so we can still shower without the power. 

Preparations for the music devotional are going good. Blasting out duets with President poundin out the piano was fun this morning :) 

Low Key we celebrated my 1 year of living in the Philippines. I tell everyone I am Fil-Am. Filipino American. 

Running on the beach then realized my cute comp wrote in the sand for me :)

You Know You're in the Philippines When:
greeting another woman, you go from a hand shake to a side hug with your cheek next to their’s and make a kissing noise. sounds weird. Even weirder when you just have greeted a lot of women and then accidently do it to the stake patriarch. Go sister Walters. (There's the funny moment for the week) 

Spiritual Thought:
At General Women's Conference, I love how President Eyering said "Those who don't see their weaknesses don't progress" I have been studying a lot about humility and am honestly so grateful for weaknesses. That is how the Lord not only reminds us we can do nothing without Him but also shows us His power and love by turning those very weaknesses into strengths if we but be humble and let Him change us. 
I have seen so many weaknesses in myself on my mission and know even when I get home I will still have many more. There is no such thing as a perfect RM. But what the Lord is showing me is how to recognize those, repent, turn to Him with a broken heart and contrite spirit, and letting him reshape me. 
That is because of the cleansing power of the Atonement and the sanctifying spirit of the Holy Ghost, as we remain worthy of its guidance. 

Love you all!!

Sister Walters 

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