Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Sunday, March 26, 2017

ET- means Endless Tears.

Just kidding it means Emergency Transfer. Those things are one of the hardest days I've experienced on my mission. I was in Bacnotan for 7 months and my whole heart was there, for the investigators we were preparing for baptism, my best friend companion, and that whole ward was my family, so the call on tuesday telling me to pack my bags because I would be leaving the next day..yeah it cut to the center. 

BUUTTT missions aren't about you right? The Lord humbled me with the reminder that those families were not my baptisms and it's not about if I get to see them, but they are the Lord's children. I am just an instrument. And now He needs me in Lingsat, San Fernando! 

I am training Sister Ormsby from Australia and she is adorable. Such a genuine and humble missionary. Being the Sister Training Leader here is busy but fun cause it's right with the mission president and his Assistants so we help new missionaries coming in, and anyone actually coming down stays in our house. 

It's weird t come from farmland, rice fields, to a city. Our house even has flushing toilets (well some of them) and a microwave! And get this, a washing machine!! I felt so out of place though at the nice houses just thinking of my old investigators probably hungry at the moment just cooking rice in their stick and shack homes. I think I am more comfortable there! 

The Ward is incredible though and so kind. I know I will learn a lot from them and grow in this last area! 

-Sister Bleak and I were Sister AP's for a week and traveled to all the zone conferences around the mission to sing and start teaching the musical devotional Jesus the Christ- Come Unto Him 
-HAZEL WAS BAPTIZED!! President let me go back to watch. She was so so filled with the spirit- she reached out to grab my hand while she was in the font and said a quick prayer to calm herself down. Then...well I'll tell you in the next part. But who knew that would happen when I just felt to talk to her while running on the beach?? 

Missionaries Can Laugh:
Hazel gets up to bear her testimony and she said she just starts with "I can't explain my feelings right now, so let us pray first." We all were a little shocked and almost chuckled but she gave the most heartfelt praise to her god over the pulpit. then proceeded to bear an incredible testimony of the change she has seen in her life because of this gospel. 

Philippines Culture:
Clothes aren't really a big many men just don't wear shirts and we even saw one at the store across the street buying groceries in his underwear. Oh man. We do have a specific rule though we can't teach a guy unless he has a shirt on. So that's kinda funny. 

Magpabinyag vs Magbinyag (To cause someone to baptize you vs To baptize someone) 

Spiritual Thought:
I love what my mom reminded my about how we need to Trust in God and "lean not unto thine own understanding" in Proverbs. I am constantly reminded on my mission that we need to be centered on Christ and His will. That is the only way we will overcome our trials and reach the potential the Lord has in store for us. 

Iyan lang :) 

they best kayong lahattt!!!

Sister Walters 

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