Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Monday, April 17, 2017

No Such Thing as a Normal Week in Lingsat District

Seriously goodbye to regular schedule this week. When you are in Lingsat district right by the mission home, changes come up almost every day and you just learn to go with the flow! 

Monday we helped missionaries leave the mission 
"Family Council" meeting with the District and Zone leaders for San Fernando! 
Wednesday we helped new missionaries come into the mission
Thursday we helped the other leaders come down for a massive MLC with president 
(PS it's a fun night when 10 sisters in one house and the power goes out) 
Friday 9 sisters get Emergency Transferred so we work that out while planning a...BAPTISM! (go back to that later) 
Saturday we became a threesome!! Two Polynesians and hahaha
Sunday was a huge suprise- Aliyn Bautista - the single adult we baptized in Baguio- came and sat down right next to me in church with this huge bouquet of roses. She surprise visited me!!!! So crazy. She is doing amazing, and is a primary teacher now in Pangasinan!  

So the work is still flowing great. We are working hard. Iyan lang :) 

Missionaries Can Laugh Too:
Our new comp is amazing and talks to EVERYONE. Give her two second and she has already told the person next to her that she is 1) not a filipno 2) a missionary for this church and 3) her testimony of Jesus Christ. It's actually cool and spiritual, not funny, but the first time we just saw her burst into conversation with the worker at the food place, and the face of the worker with all that information in such a short amount of time and such a little was pretty funny. I like her :) 
Weekly couch pictures with the beloved comp. Can't forget those. 

You Know You're in the Philippines When:
You low key, take showers in your pajamas before you sleep cause it's 93 degrees in your room. Anything to cool you down. 

Tagalog- "napaka" is what you put in front of adjectives to say it's "really" something. Halimbawa- mainit = hot, napakainit=REALLY hot. If I said it was mainit its napakainit.

Spiritual Thought:
The ward really came together for nanay Nida's baptism- it was so beautiful. We were able to teach her daughter and her husband the night before and they came to the baptism! President and Sister Bangal spoke, Sister Ormsby and I sang, the baptizer helped carry her into the water, she testified after, and her daughter just cried at how special her mother was treated and the spirit felt at the baptism. 

Baptism pictures! She is getting so much stronger from her stroke 

Those members don't know they could have just been the way for her family to join her in the church because of the support they saw. 

MEMBERS PLEASE SUPPORT THE MISSIONARIES. When investigators see that unity and love, it really strikes them. 

Moses 7:18 (I think) And the Lord called his people Zion because they were of one heart and one mind and dwelt in righteouness, and there were no poor among them. 

Mahal ko kayo! 

Sister Walters 

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