Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Monday, July 17, 2017


Sister Bleak and her very creative mind came up with a name for us- "Special Assignment Singing Sisters- aka SASS" hahaha I love my companion. We may make T-shirts. 

Bangued Devotional and missionaries. 

Devotional 5 and 6 this week! In Bangued (the farthest area) and Bacnotan (my old area.) We also practiced with the Candon missionaries (another far area) to say the least this week was just full of traveling, teaching music, and performing.
Bacnotan family :) 

The day we weren't preparing for the devotional we were in the office all day making a Missionary Health Guide! President makes us exercise 1 hour instead of 30 minutes.  We thought, okay these missionaries have no idea what to do for 1 hour, so we put together a book of healthy eating tips and a bunch of exercises. Hopefully they use it :(
Quick abs before the devotional. Just kidding ;) Bishops wife handed us a sleeping mat to rest from all our travels hahaha!  

Traveling was really fun, little road trips with President and Sister Bangal, we feel like their kids!
White sisters usually aren't allowed there, so they haven't seen them much and the kids would not let go of stroking my white hand hahaha. 

It was incredible to see the effort of the members in Bangued. It is a poor and far area but they still came. Even when the ceiling literally shook with thunder during "Come Unto Christ" they weren't even phased. One man came up to Sister Bleak and I, so excited to tell us that he came even though he was sick, and because of the music and the spirit, he didn't feel his sickness at all. Music is incredible :) 

Returning to Bacnotan was such a cool experience and blessing.

Returning to Bacnotan was such a cool experience and blessing. I was there for so long and the Lord taught me and stretched me a lot. The spirit was incredibly strong as the missionaries there did their best on their songs and speaking parts. That ward has grown a lot too and I am so happy to see it progressing. It ripped my heart honestly to say goodbye for real this time- I have some second families there.

The Abenojars (especially Nanay that I will miss so much) Bishop's family, Malilum Sisters

We pray every night for the area because we aren't able to work, and I know the Lord answers those prayers because 6 investigators still came to church! The Abat family, sister Joy (the pregnant one) and Sister Lhenzy (from the Magbanua family that was baptized in May). He is the one hastening this work, not us :)
The baptismal font in Bangued! 

Funny Moment: *slash sad moment 
So I met this old "Jo" (white guy in the Philippines) a month or so ago and spoke with him at a grocery store. He wanted nothing to do with the pamphlet I tried to give him after the conversation. Then we ran into him last Pday and we were shocked when he eagerly wrote down his name and number for us to meet with him! When we texted him this was his reply 
"Sister WALTERS,I remember with pretty face &golden hair and big smile.
 I am in Makati 4 few days. Tmw nite I take partas bus bck to SF town. Like to invite u and co sister to Yel Cab pizza next week to celebrate 4th of July. 
Prof. Art, age 70, retired, widower, friendly."    
Hahahaha we DIED. But as it got closer to the appointment Sister Bleak and I had a weird feeling and canceled. It's a good thing cause he turned out to be a real creeper but hey..maybe he will come around to Mormons again.
Yes. This tree gets missionary work. Thank you. 

Paglilingkod- Service. Ang susi sa tunay na kaligayahan- The key to true happiness 

You Know You're In the Philippines When: 
You read outside to get some Vitamin D and the neighbors yell in broken english 
"Mam neighbor! From what state are you? America?" 
You gotta know your neighbors here. 

Spiritual Thought: 
Sorry I gotta make this quick cause this is getting long pasensya pero simple lang

"The man who retires early and rises early will be healthy, wealthy, and wise." -President Hinkley. 

124 Cease to be idle; cease to be unclean; cease to find fault one with another; cease to sleep longer than is needful; retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated. 

This was spoken on in church on Sunday and I really was enlightened because I haven't been sleeping up the past couple of weeks or months. Always waking up, and finally restless by around 4 or 5. My companion noted every time she woke up I was just sitting on my bed reading and asked why I was up I said "I don't know to be honest". Then I realized being able to read my scriptures at that time where it is quiet and peaceful..the spirit has been so strong throughout the day. 

I know morning and night can be times of great inspiration and personal revelation if we use them wisely. The prophets and scriptures always speak the word of God! 

Love you all and thank you again for the thoughts, support, and prayers.
Sister Walters 

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