Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Obedience brings Miracles

Ahh too many amazing things happened this week but I don't have much time on the computer so I'll just sum it up 

-Lots and lots of more walking and battle wounds. I got burnt, and my companion got scratched by metal from walking home through a construction sight. Cool scars though. 

-Didn't pass out during fasting!! WOOT! AND Sunday was a day of miracles. We had 11 Investigators in our gospel doctrines class!! 
       -Hazel came with all her kids. She is still amazing. 
       - Sharie came in her cute new skirt and heels and wants to be baptized SO bad. She teaches US in the lesson. 
Exchanges with sister Hinautan! 

       - The new family we found Magbatoc showed up late but ALL of them and we about cried of joy. 

- This is how that happened, we focused on SERVICE this week. We fetched all Sister Hazel's water for her from this massive well and we got so dirty and wet and lots of people just stared as us Americans trying to juggle heavy buckets of water but Hazel is worth it. 
    - For Magbatoc we left a bag of "survival kit" things for him to follow Word of Wisdom, and we even left an alarm clock set for 7:00 am to make sure they wouldn't sleep in hahaha it worked!! 

This is the catch we think- DISTRICT PRAYER! We all wanted to be more obedient so now we have a district prayer over the phone at exactly 6:30 AM, we meet where our houses cross at 1:00 pm to make sure we are proselyting on time, and pray again at 10:30. Then on Sunday every single companionship had investigators at church and extended baptismal dates. 

You Know You're in the Philippines When:
You have to climb down a super safe ladder like this to walk to one of your areas. (picture below) 

Missionaries Can Laugh too:
We stopped for a second outside of our Italian investigator's house cause he was singing / moaning/ chanting really loud to himself and we were just listening- then maybe God reminded us to not waste time because a dog came up and peed on my leg. That got us moving. 

They have signs like this in the bathroom hahaha 

Masunurin- obedient (most adjectives start with "ma" so that gets confusing) 

Spiritual Thought:
God has been teaching me a lot about humility this week. It seems like everywhere I read, Book of Mormon or Jesus the Christ or anything, that's what sticks out. 
Christ teaches the parable of the dinner table and says guests should put themselves at the lowest set and then the master might move them higher, rather than them placing themselves at the head and having the master bring them down. 
He also mentions a king in the Bible that started to boast of the great blessings he had and "while the word was in his mouth" the Lord took it all. 
We need to constantly remember to Be humble. We see in the Book of Mormon that the recurring pride cycle starts with them being blessed and getting too prideful and forgetting the Lord their god. 
Humility is not disbelieving in ourselves or treating ourselves with disrespect or in an unloving way. But it is attributing all success and blessing to our Lord and Savior, knowing that without Him we are nothing, but WITH him we can do all things. And that confidence gives us courage, and that courage drives us to do what is right. 
It all comes from Him. 

Mahal ko kayooooo (mas lalo ang nanay ko) I love you all! Especially my mom* 
Sister Walters 
Falling asleep on Jeepney rides 

My companion sleeping...again :) We work hard I guess haha sleep is precious! 

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