Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas from Bacnotan 2016


- We had an awesome ward Christmas party (filipino time so it was from 1 until 7:30) on the 22nd and four of our investigators came and three members brought referrals!! Also for the "missionary" performance we did the "haka" (a Polynesian dance) under the direction of our district leader and we WON!! 

- Sister Julia is a 15 year old girl we have been teaching and it part of a part-member family. They say she used to hide from the missionaries and never come to church but we feel so grateful that now is the right time because we have gotten pretty close with her, she enjoys church, and has accepted a baptismal date in January!! Please keep her in your prayers :)
- We actually had a change of plans and Sister Aurelio was transferred to Baguio and a brand-new missionary from there was transferred to be my companion! So now I will be continuing the training of Sister Swainston from Idaho. She is SO sweet and we have already clicked and I am really excited to spend the next couple months with her. Yes it means I will be in my second area for a total of 6 months but hey I love Bacnotan so it's okay :) 

- Christmas Eve and Christmas day were full of singing Christmas songs, sharing Nephi's vision of the birth of Christ from the Book of Mormon, and eating. Lots of eating spaghetti, fried chicken, and macaroni fruit salad. 

-Talking to my amazing sweet family that put up with my technical difficulties. They are all still so the same and I am so grateful for their strength in the gospel and their examples for me to stay strong on my mission. 

Nakakatawa (funny)
- Sister Swainstons cute face when she bravely tried "balut" for the first time. (an 11 day old chick still in egg form but you eat it like a boiled egg) Man that sister is great. We had extended some baptismal dates that day so we celebrated. 

Tagalog / English
- Kain ka pa (you eat more - as a command haha) 

You Know You're in the Philippines When
- Christmas is when it starts to get even hotter so when you come in the apartment and bow the pray with your companion your knees slip around because of the sweat hahaha 

I just wanted to say that Christmas is an incredible time to remember the savior but we are missing out on a lot of joy in life if that is the only day we give Him the attention he deserves. I know He came to this earth as humbly as he could and grew up and lived just like any other person would- but had the strength to overcome every temptation and lived a perfect example for us to follow. I know He is the way the truth and the light for any trial we experience in this life. I know his birth into this world was the biggest way our Heavenly Father showed his love for us because He know the life of his beloved son would not be easy. Let us keep the spirit of Christ in our hearts every day through our diligent study of scriptures and fervent daily prayer. He never gives up on us so we must never forget Him. 

Thank you all for your sweet Christmas emails and prayers, they are felt here in the Philippines and I appreciate them so so much, Love you all!!! 

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