Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nov 6, 2016 - "Don't Worry Sister Walters, We're You're Family Now, Here in the Philippines"

The gospel is of course the same all over the world, but missionary work itself is so different depending on where you are and...I've got to say I feel so lucky to be assigned here in the Philippines because the missionaries really are special members of the ward family. I don't know if I can remember one name of a missionary in our wards in washington or utah but here I have got sisters, brothers, aunts, parents, even a twin! Christmas is already here and they know that can be a homesick time for missionaries so that's what they told me- Don't cry you'e got family here :) 

 - The cute Aguilar couple really felt like my parents this week because we had a 1/2 day mission with the ward! We went on splits and they were my companions. They did AWESOME in the lessons just testifying and actually Brother Ceasar took charge of one lesson, went straight into the Apostasy and why this is the only true church. I was worried the man we were teaching would get confused or offended on the first lesson but afterwards he just said "Everything you're saying is true, I really understand that. I always need to listen to you guys so I can gain more knowledge about God." And then he accepted a baptismal invite. So there, power of members. 
This is Sister Estelle and Brother Ceasar Aguilar! (My "parents" for that day) 

Missionaries can Laugh too:
- Sister Aurelio slapped me in the forehead (to kill a lamok (mosquito)) while I was reading a scripture in a lesson and i had to try SO hard not to laugh and keep the spirit. 
- Cute Nanay Romero (nanay means mom but it's what you call all older ladies) got up to bear her testimony and waved to the crowed before walking up with that big smile of hers, then proceeded to give her thanks for all that attended her lunch party last week and specifically named all those that didn't attend, but kindly gave public forgiveness to them as well. It. was. SO. funny. Even the bishop and his counselors were trying not to laugh on the stand. But hey our investigators still felt the spirit during the meeting because actually she bore a beautiful testimony. She is seriously the best :) 
Guess who is now in my zone!!! Welcome my beloved MTC companion Sister Bleak :) 

You Know You're in the Philippines When..
They will say "I promise" about five times while telling one story to add emphasis even though you haven't said you don't believe them hahaha 

Tagalog / English

"Masarap" = delicious but you don't only use it for food. You can say "masarap matulog" or "masarp ang hangin" (sleeping is delicious, the wind is delicious) 

Spiritual Thought:
I would just like to emphasize the power of patience and love. I thought I was a patient person before but I am learning true patience here on the mission. I read a talk in the Liahona about making the perfect grilled cheese and how you need medium heat. If you turn it up to make it cook faster you will get burnt bread and half melted cheese. But even on medium heat you can't just abandon the sandwich, you have to watch it and turn it over. I have learned I can't solve an investigator's problem in one lesson, I can't change behavior in our zone in one transfer, I can't overcome my weaknesses in just one day...and I'll be honest it can be frustrating because I feel like I am on a ticking clock. I don't want to waste even one day of the Lord's time, but I am constantly inadequate of the responsibilities I need to fulfill. But just like Nephi states in 2 Nephi 4:19 "And when I desire to rejoice, my heart groaneth because of mine [weaknesses]...nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted." Missionaries need to apply patience to every teaching appointment, every ward, every companion, and especially themselves. But we don't just sit and wait, we are actively striving to improve and showing charity and love to others. The Lord has opened my eyes, broadened my perspective, made clear my struggles, but ALWAYS lifts me up and strengthens me to somehow accomplish what he needs me to do. Being an instrument in his hands is the most incredible feeling. I wouldn't trade that for anything! 

love you all :) 
Sister Walters 

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