Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked and Walked and Walked and Walked.....(and so do we...)

Okay family please tell me you remember what movie that's from because that's what I sang to Sister Aurelio this week as we walked, and walked, and walked :) I think my feet are the tannest part of my body now haha!
Sometimes it is so hot you find your way to the floor to sleep...was that comfy sister Aurelio? :
this is a nice woman I gave a restoration pamphlet to.  She says she will read it after she plants this dragon fruit....

Highlights this Week:
-We will miss sister Barbante because she is now training and opening an area in Candon! (proud follow up trainer) Everyone asks me where "the little one" is now 
Good bye Sister Barbante....
- We had an awesome ward council where the bishop got everyone thinking of finding ideas to help up missionaries and they all want to fast with us for the people in our areas- the support is really awesome. 
- I realized again why Jesus loves little children so much and why he took the time to teach them in his time in America because little kids or youth are SO receptive to the spirit, and their are SMART too! They catch on to messages of the Restoration and Plan of Salvation faster than a lot of the adults. We have found the Nuel family and the mom (Roanna) has 8 kids. Three of them expressed they felt something in our message of the "foundation of the church" (prophets, priesthood, revelation) and how that is what this church has today. They were so excited to come to church but the mom was worried about what those of her faith would say...we are praying the mom will come around and be touched by the example of her children. 

Missionaries can Laugh...
When a member asks you if that pimple on your face hurts because it's so big and it's a genuine question...yup it's a good thing I could laugh that one off hahaha 
This is a jeepney!

You Know You're in the Philippines When..
MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS!!! Christmas actually started September 1st here but I was reminded to put it on my blog when we sang my Christmas song (Angels We Have Heard on High) in sacrament meeting yesterday. (No mom I didn't stand up when we sang my name because I am Sister Walters right now hahaha) 
​The superman missionary planner Sister Brooklyn made for me 

Kambing - Goat. There are goats EVERYWHERE 

Spiritual Thought:
I really love the story of Ammon as a missionary and how he too admitted that he had struggles. In Alma 26:27-28 they almost turned home because of their hardships but the Lord pushed them to keep going and promised his comfort. They continued their mission and although the trials didn't stop they kept their heads up and their joy was so full that Ammon goes on a full chapter about it :) I know there are disappointments in the mission- to be honest, they happen every day. But there are miracles JUST around the corner and we just have to keep looking. We can't miss a beat. Keep the disappointment because that means you care about the work but you cannot let it become discouragement. That is where you lose your faith and hope and not only our shoulders and smile slacken but the work does too. I have felt the Lord carry me through SO many times in my mission and I know the best I can do to repay him is continue to give every day, every person, every area my best. To all other missionaries- just. keep. going. :) He hasn't abandoned you! 
Another missionary from my batch at MLC! (Missionary Leader Correlation) 

Sister Walters ​

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