Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 20, 2016 - Everything Seems like a Blur

My "four words" sa mission (this is something all the missionaries have to do for our conference)
The title sounds like some cheesy song but that's the truest thing I can say about this week because It's going on two weeks that I haven't been able to find contact solution here and glasses are annoying to wear's literally just been a blur but HEY there is a blessing because...well I'll tell you all later in my funny moment. Stay tuned. 

We found this AWESOME new couple (Brother Alex and Sister Angie) that actually like right across from the Elder's apartment so we tease them that they've been there for like three years and haven't been taught yet but when sisters go...Sister Power is real. Hahaha just kidding everything falls in the right time table! Anyways we clicked right away because they have 6 kids and the mom reminds me so much of my beautiful and compassionate mom. She just wants the best for her family, so right away the lesson was awesome about eternal families, they came to church on Sunday and even woke up early that morning to read their assignment in the Book of Mormon. They treat us like their two kids and I am just super excited to continue teaching them. Missionaries can never give up on finding efforts because after patience and hard work the Lord will guide you to those that are ready. 

We focused on a part member family this week that hasn't been sealed in the temple and has a child who isn't baptized yet and it was so touching their desire to become worthy but the mom just felt she had strayed to far. I felt like Ammon when his heart rejoiced to see the sadness of the other servants when the sheep were scattered because he saw the opportunity to insert the power of the gospel. We had an FHE at their home with the Bishop and were able to encourage that there is no one who the Savior can't reach and bring back into his fold, and to his temple. 

The power of District fast is awesome because on Sunday our couple investigator came, that whole part member family, a less active who I have never seen at church and turns out she is an old class mate of sister Vangie our investigator, and another less active we have been visiting who surprised us by coming to church!!! My heart about lept out the chapel doors seeing them all there. It's pretty funny for a normal teenager maybe a cool concert or some new clothes would excite them but for missionaries seeing investigators or less actives at church is like CHRISTMAS. 

Missionaries can laugh Too:
One of our members has a handicapped child who I love, his name is Humphry. Anyways before we ate she told him to take a shower and he ready for his shower right there. And after his shower came and sat down to eat some rice...hubad pa hahaha. It's a good thing I didn't wear my glasses this week right?? 
Our computer shop!! (super mainit so there is a massive fan blowing) To all my batch mates Elder Decosta took this hahaha

You Know You're in the Philippines When...
If you can't cross the whole street in one time you just walk to the middle and stand there until you can cross the other side too. There aren't really thing such as traffic laws or lanes. 

Spiritual Thought:
II really love Nephi's story in Helaman 10:1-5. He preached and no one listened and eventually he was just "alone in the midst of them". He walked away weighed down with sorrow but the voice of the Lord came unto him and didn't say "why don't you have 40 lessons this week, 20 investigators, and 10 people being baptized" he just said "blessed art thou" because he preached the word with unweariness. I am so comforted by the fact that our best is always enough for the Lord and all he asks is that we follow all his commandments with unweariness and with faith that he will compensate the rest. Never give up because you don't see the physical fruits of your work. Angels are "silent notes taking" and God is aware of all his faithful servants. 

Love ya all!! 

Sister Walters 

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