Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Sunday, October 16, 2016

You Found 36 New Investigators This Week?

Well this week was all. about. finding. You know that feeling when you clean out your closet of all the clothes you never wear but you just like to see in your closet? Then there is only like 5 shirts but at least you know who love those 5 and will wear them. Then you go on a big shopping spree and it's the best. THAT'S LIKE FINDING. Our president is really encouraging not spending SO long with the same people who aren't (at least at this time) prepared to receive the gospel and getting more creating and going out and FINDING those he is preparing. So that's what we did :) 

- Now that there is three of us we did splits with members so we can proselyte in two areas at once and we were able to find so many new people. The member RM's are super magaling. 

- One funny finding experience with me and sister Aurelio...actually I'll save that for later haha 
- Exhanges again this week! This certain sister was sick but mom I applied your "suck it up and work" attitude and it worked!! I really new the Lord would help her feel better and the best medicine was working so we are distracted with the joy of the gospel, am I right? Their faces were funny when they explained their sickness and lack of sleep and then I still said we were going work haha but the cute sister was happy outside proselyting and replied that working actually does help. I learned a lot from that sister that day!! 
- We realized Karen is actually pretty shy. Karen is the name of the Typhoon that came our way this week. Church was cancelled, clouds were creepily heavy and dark, power going out but....the actually storm never hit our area. Don't worry mom :) 
- Saw my old batch MTC mates at the store on P day and we realized that day was 8 months from the day we entered the mission. CRAZY.

Missionaries can Laugh Too:
-For finding we prayed about where to go of course and what to bring. We felt prompted about a certain street and carry lots of book of mormons. The first house we found was a whole extended family cleaning because the grandpa had passed away just one hour earlier. My face I guess was pretty funny when they invited us in to see the body that was still on the floor, apparently that's a normal thing! But it was good because once inside we stole the brooms and started cleaning (of course I was careful sweeping around the body). After almost two hours all the dust webs and spiders were gone and we were able to share from the Book of Mormon with the fam. Pretty cool huh?? Closest I have ever been to a dead body. 

You Know You're in the Philippines When...
You ride a tryke which is like those things parents cam pull their kids in behind a bike, but it is on the side of the bike. It looks like it should fit 2 people but of course you fit like 6 people. (two inside, two in the back, one behind the biker on the bike itself and one on top of the whole thing) ​

Tagalog / English:
Ang magandang balita namin ay na pwuede maging walang hanggan ang mga pamilya natin / 
Our beautiful news is that our familes can be eternal. 

Spiritual Thought:
These are the questions I wrote down after each talk in Conference. As I review them I am picking one to work on every week or two until the next conference. I know the apostles speak the word of god that we need to hear right now and am confident that if I study and apply them I will get closer to the missionary and person that the Lord needs me to be. I encourage you all to do the same! 

What shall I give in return for so much? 

If I loved the Savior more, would I suffer less? 

Do I pray as if conversing with my Creator? 

Do I realize and appreciate the miracle of the life and faith of Joseph Smith? 

Am I praying or just saying prayers? 

When was the last time I asked God if my works were acceptable to Him? 

How am I doing as my part of the puzzle? 

What are my stumbling blocks to being "valiant in the testimony of Jesus Christ?" 

Can I see the Book of Mormon as the keystone of my life? 

Am I comfortable now presenting the effects of my works, or who I am becoming, to God? 

At the end my search for knowledge do I rely on faith? 

Do I serve willingly without murmuring or complaint? 

Will I continue to play missionary work as a major cord in the song of my life even after I return? 

Do I let circumstances determine my happiness? 

Do I use Saturday to prepare for the sacred ordinance of the sacrament? 

Do I slacken my faith by forgetting the Lord is on board? 

Is my life a token and expression of how I worship God? 

Can I say I righteously judge myself? 

Am I receiving ALL things with gratefulness? 

Do I believe what I know? 

Do I see my calling as an assignment or a gift from God? 

How quickly do I forget my spiritual experiences and answers? 

Do I endure my trials in an ennobling way or just passing through? 

How can I prepare my children to know the Savior through my own example? 

How much do I value the joy of repentance over the opinions of others? 

Do I lack the godly sorrow, love for the savior, and courage to confess and repent? 

What "toys" do I put before the importance of eternal life? 

Mahal ko Kayo!!!

Ate Walters 

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