Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


- There is such a thing as WARD FHE here! Oh my gulay (that means vegetable) I love the Filipino people. Ward FHE was so much fun to sing, hear spiritual thoughts on family, and play lots of games, and then all share in a simple meal with whatever the families could provide. This really just feels like home now (no offense mom, I still love home but I am definitely not coming back any earlier than I have to hahaha) The investigator family we have been teaching was able to come and it was so amazing to see the members bond and laugh with them too. It's like watching your child have friends at the playground your heart just melts you love them so much.
- Mission President Bangal came and did a training with us out of the blue on Wednesday and then took our zone to Jollibee (like McDonalds) so that was super rad 
- We think our water filter we installed is working... 
-Fast Sunday was again a highlight because our lovely recent convert got up and bore the strongest testimony again, even though she had a couple experiences after her confirmation that really tested her faith again. It's amazing how your body can be so hungry but your spirit so full (okay super cheezy but hey I'm a missionary) 
-We had a "1/2 Day Mission" with the ward and I went on splits with two of my fav members (first time without a missionary companion felt SO weird) 
- Our phone broke so we weren’t able to text the Elders when we got home. We thought not really a big deal but both our district leader and then 2 minutes later our STLS showed up at our house to make sure we were safe. We felt 1) way bad because they had to taxi all the way over at 10 at night 2) so special and loved because they cared that much and 3) super embarrassed because we were already in our pj's ready for bed

Tagalog Phrase of the Day:
Ano pong pinagkakaabalahan mo? (It basically means what are you doing right now like working or going to college like that) 

Missionaries can Laugh Too:
The ward enjoyed mine and Sister Berry's competitiveness in our relay race at the FHE (don't worry Walters fam, I won) hahaha maybe they thought missionaries were spiritual robots too :) 

You Know You're in the Philippines When...
One kind of different member that everyone stills loves makes harry potter jokes over the pulpit because he looks JUST like him. He even pulled out some harry potter glasses while bearing his testimony about the ghosts in his room he is trying to get over. Man I love it here :) 

Spiritual Thought:

This week a blessing that we saw from obedience was diligence with the Lord's time even when no one is watching. There was a night where every single one of our appointments got canceled and we had to drop by the house around 7 to use the CR and we were close by. There definitely was the temptation to stay home because we only had about an hour and a half-ish to teach and no scheduled appointments. But instead of giving in just because no one would know, we made our stop short and got back out working just walking, praying the spirit would guide us. We thought of trying a less active we haven't been able to meet and ended up meeting her neighbor who usually isn't home at that time but had gotten home from work earlier than usual. At first she wanted to shut the door but after offering to just introduce ourselves, we got talking, asked her about her life, and pretty soon we were inside with her talking and talking over Milo, and we left her a pamphlet which she told us she began reading that night. The Lord and his spirit WANT to guide us but nothing will ever happen if we just wait for inspiration. We preach "by the way" and that's how the spirit works as well, we just have to move our feet and be willing to open our mouth. And the truth is really that exact obedience is the only way the Lord can work with his children. (Alma 56, Stripling Warriors) 

Love ya all!! 

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