Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 31, 2016 Baguio Means Storm (Not just the place)

Baguio Means Storm (Not just the place)

Highlights: Let me just say the Spirit is the most incredible super's why 
  - Sister Bernadett expressed feeling continuous promptings to read the pamphlet and Book of Mormon we left her, even though she doesn't read the other religion's 
  - Sister Cherry cried in our first lesson saying she "just felt something light" as she saw us two foreign girls in her home 
  - Sister Maffy from us just asking what we could do for her to help her come closer to Christ in the first lesson, started crying and kept apologizing saying she didn't know why because she isn't usually like that 
  - Sister Eylin said she feels a really hot feeling inside when she prayed to know if she should be baptized, reads the Book of Mormon, and especially when she took the Sacrament her first time at church on sunday 
  - The spirit urged us to talk to Sister Aliyea one night on the side of the road, to find out their mother had just passed away earlier that day and she was more than grateful for the Plan of Salvation pamphlet we were able to introduce and give to her, inviting her to read it 
  - ALWAYS BE WORHTY OF THE SPIRIT. I realized even more this weak how much our investigators are aware of our personal worthiness and they NEED that convincing power of the Holy Ghost to feel our message is true and can give them true happiness in life as they come closer to Christ through the fullness of his Gospel. 
  - Zone Service Activity moving lots and lots and lots of books to the Institute 
  - First Signal One Baguio (We work until Signal 3) 

You Know You're In the Philippines When...
You're 3rd hour combined class in church is one big slideshow on Emergerncy Preparedness for the Baguio outside, the ones coming, and Code Red Dengue Fever. (Don't worry mom, we've got the Lord on our side :) ) 

Missionaries Can Laugh Too...
You know those random times where something is just so funny but you don't know why? Well Sister Berry and I were dying laughing one day on the side of the road because I really do try to always be positive because life is just better that way, and a concescrated missionary doesn't say anything negative...but something slipped as we passed by yet another feral dog with creepy red staring eyes as it barked at us and I said "Wish ko may salita para sa "hate" sa Tagalog (I wish there was a word for hate in Tagalog)...cause I hate that Dog." Sister Berry was just shocked that came out of my mouth and we both died because it really is a pretty ugly dog hahaha 

Spiritual Thought: ANSWERED PRAYERS
This one is short and sweet and may seem insignificant but I have been reminded this week of the power of presenting plans to the Lord, and him fulfilling them. Just as He did with the Brother of Jared in Ether 12:23 "What would you have me do..." We can't just simply request things from the Lord and hang up the phone and wait like a food order to our house. He gave us a brain, and expects us to "study it out in your mind" then ask him for his approval and his help. Something you lack on your mission is free time. Actually not just lack, you literally have none. Even personal study is for your investigators. This is to help you be completely focused on those you serve but I admit I was wanting just a few minutes every day to just read the Book of Mormon for myself. I thought about how I could do this without taking any time from my preparation and asked God if he would help me wake up a little earlier every day, without an alarm so as to not bother Sister Berry, so I could start my day with some personal scriptures. The next morning until now I have been waking up at 5:40 on the dot, refreshed and happy, with enough light through the window to get my English and Tagalog Book of Mormon side by side and start studying. It is the best start to my day :) I testify of the Lord's willingness to answer our prayers and help us with our righteous desires IF we think for ourselves first and call on his name with our plans. 

Love ya all!! 

Sister Walters 

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