Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Friday, August 12, 2016

- The family we have been teaching that everyone called "eternal investigators" accepted a baptismal invite!!! We were almost encouraged to give up on them but my companion and I kept praying, studying hard for them, and relying on the spirit that the Lord promises to accompany us with when we testify, and lo and behold, the gospel once again works it's magic and they've accepted a date for the end of the month :) 
- We met yet another incredible "golden" investigator that the Lord has totally prepared to hear his gospel message. I'll write more about that later :) 
- Fast Sunday was such a highlight, I actually really do love them even though as a missionary you are slightly scared for your life walking all day on the hills and such with nothing in your body, but it's pretty amazing the way the Lord can fill you when you just get over yourself and focus on the people your teaching, their needs, and what you're fasting for. 
-We had like 2 straight days with no rain!! Then it came back, but at least no Typhoon this week. 
-Halfway through with Sister Berry's training! Time seriously FLIES.  

Missionaries can Laugh Too:
-Magaling akong mahulog. (I am good at falling) hahaha seriously some of the muddy roads get pretty slippery in the rain but I am so good at tripping now that my last week one was pretty big and obvious in front of a group of gambling filipinos trying to climb down a ladder but I managed to get NOT ONE SPEC of mud on my clothes. My arm was covered but hey, that's pretty good ;) And yes of course it was very funny still. 

You Know You're in the Philippines When:
A new investigator mom after a first lesson asks you to leave your blessing (as white girls) on her baby by licking your finger and then wiping it above the baby's eyebrows. Yeah I felt pretty special. And I thought she didn't even like us haha 

Tagalog Word of the Day:
Pag-aayuno: Fasting 

Spiritual Thought:
"We believe in a God of Miracles" Mormon 9:19, 21 

We experienced a miracle coming from obedience, diligence, and opening your mouth to everyone this week. Last sunday when the Baguio was storming, it was admittedly not very fun to be outside in the rain and wind and cold but we knew that proselyting time is so important and weren't about to quit early. We decided to try a different area that Sunday and go back to a potential investigator we hadn't been able to get a hold of. She ended up not being there but her brother answered the door. He explained to us he was of a different faith and would just let us worry about his sister a different day but we shared a short message about our church just standing in the doorway and went back out into the rain. A day later we get a text from him saying he is interested in hearing the word of God from us and set up an appointment! The lesson was incredible and filled with the spirit as we realized how prepared he had been by God for us with all his questions and experiences leading into a perfect lesson about the Restoration of the gospel. He accepted a baptismal invite that day, asked where he could get a Book of Mormon and spent the whole sacrament meeting (yes he came to church) searching the copy we gave him. Never waste a minute of proselyting hours and never assume someone doesn't need to hear even just a sentence about the amazing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ that we have. It's amazing to see God really hearing our prayers for us to find those he is preparing for us. Never lose faith that God WILL answer your prayers but only AS you are trying to work yourself as well. 

Mahal kita!!!

Sister Walters  
PS from Michelle :  I really miss Rheas sense of Humor and her imitations (especially southern and Miranda Sings) .  Every so often she send me things to make me laugh.  Videos somehow make her seem not quite as far away...enjoy!

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