Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 24, 2016

Highlights: "We Will Go Down"

- One elder treated us to Starbucks this week for his birthday...that felt super randomly white-girl american in the middle of the Philippines but hey who says no to a cinnamon roll and steamed milk? 
- Satan is working his magic here on one of our investigators that we just love to death. The whole family is progressing awesome, especially the mom, but their obstacle for baptism is the word of wisdom with the dad. We planned this awesome lesson (with the guidance of the spirit of course). We prepared motivational scriptural quotes on cards to put around their house, have everyone give up something so the Dad didn't feel alone, like they were all supporting each other, we prepared too, like giving up chocolate or ice cream or a bad habit like biting your nails, anyways we were pumped to teach and like four times something came up or they canceled...arrggg SATAN, but its okay we are stronger and we were able to teach to the rest of the family still with out the dad and we will try again this week :) 
-We got really excited too about putting our trust in the Lord if we present him with some specific plans so we set up this huge goal for a number of baptisms in the next 6 weeks, then worked backwards to how many people we need to commit to baptism, how many progressing investigators, new investigators, referrals, even down to the amount of people we need to "open our mouth" to every day. We've got some pretty high numbers and goals but we've got some new plans and ideas and of course the help of the Lord on our side as we pray earnestly and if it's his will for us in our area :) 
-Sister Berry celebrated her 1 month in the field! (Also our anniversary together :) ) I stuck a candle in her brownie to make it real. ​
-"WE DID GO DOWN" hahaha we went down to the lowlands for follow-up training! It was weird to be on the trainer side, I feel like I was JUST there as a trainee. But it was an awesome reminder of how we truly teach through example and the best way is to always show them charity and love- that feeds into diligence and obedience, knowledge of the doctrine, worthiness of the spirit, everything. And also the provided breakfast and lunch at the mission home was definitely worth it.

Missionaries can Laugh Too:
I am now a member of "Booga Booga" okay actually SO EMBARRASSING. It's a game we played (or they played on me) at a FHE. You are following the actions of one guy and when he sits down again and you follow him you find out that they put a soaking wet huge sponge on your chair so your behind gets SOAKED. I was so shocked I screamed and fell out of my chair. Yeah all the pinoys (filipinos) loved that, we were all crying laughing so hard. 

Tagalog Word of the Day:
"Napaka-" if you put that in front of an adjective it means like the most or the best 
"Napakaswuerte tayo dahil meron tayo ang gospel ni JesuCristo" We are the most lucky because we have the gospel of Jesus Christ 

You Know You're in the Philippines When...
Yes it's completely acceptable and sometimes encouraged to eat with your hands. I find it very messy and difficult but at least I have tried! It's easier when they have rice to mix with the meat and sauce but I can't eat the rice to the saucy meat or veggie juice just gets all over my face and hands. 

Spiritual Thought:
I really like what Jesus Christ says in Matt. 6:19-21 and 3 Nephi 13:19-21 about building treasures in heaven and not the worldly type that can be stolen or will waste away. We are so so incredibly lucky in this world that we don't have to rely on worldly treasures for happiness. We are all searching for internal peace, confidence, comfort, and happiness in this life but when we get our answers from the world it doesn't last long and doesn't fill us at all. This perfect gospel of Jesus Christ teach us what the real treasures are in heaven and how to obtain them here on earth. Our knowledge of our personal relationship to our loving heavenly father and our divine potential according to his plan of salvation, undergoes our every decision and gives us direction and purpose in a world full of people lacking that same conviction that their life is worthwhile. We know of the full capacity and magnitude of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to not only wash away our sins through proper repentance but literally carry us through our trials in life. Through a restoration of the restored gospel we have the keys to access God's power on earth and know of fervent prayer that provides means of communication and guidance to our all-supreme creator, not just memorized recitation. Even down to our temporal being, with the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity, where the world is behind us, now coming out with science and tests showing how correct and intelligent these revelations were from God back then. I get so excited every day to share this knowledge, this way of life, to every child of God and I hope you share the same excitement! Please "consider on the blessed and happy state" (Mosiah 2:41) of your family as you life the gospel, and imagine where you would be without it. Take an extra part of your day today and every day to thank Heavenly Father for this gift he has given you. You won't be able to share with someone else as well ;) 

Mahal Kita!

Sister Walters 

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