Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26, 2016 New Kasama!

Week Highlights
-I traveled down to the lowlands by myself...that first time as a missionary without a kasama is the WEIRDEST thing. 
-We worked with the sisters while we waited to pick up our new companions and it was SO HOT down in the lower areas. Naturally, I absolutely loved it :) 
This is Sister Berry from Australia.  
The moment is pretty intense, they bring all the trainers into the room and you sit down by a sister or elder trainee. Then they read off the names and announce who is with who! There was only one foreigner and I was pretty sure my kasama would be filipino so they could speak Tagalog but....president felt to match me up with Sister Berry from Australia! We were all a little shocked with two foreigners BUT, I. LOVE. HER. 
-Lani and Argie were baptized this week!! Lani is the mom of the three girls who were baptized and Argie is the one who found us through a pass along card and his search of As a missionary I think the most incredible thing is of course the change we see in others lives as they truly accept the gospel. The baptisms we were able to witness this Saturday were so filled with the spirit and the change in their eyes, their countenance, their smile, just has a light behind it that wasn't there before. They have recognized how special they are to Christ and our heavenly father and in turn our father in heaven and our savior, our older brother Jesus Christ have so much more meaning to them as well. Whatever hardships we face as missionaries, that moment alone is worth it all. Lani spoke of the fire of the Holy Ghost she felt even though the water was so cold. After she said "Amen" she said she felt it in her back and her heart and her hands, the heat and comfort of the Holy Ghost. Their testimonies were so incredible and pure and I will never forget that day. 

Missionaries can Laugh Too:
Well mom and dad I am sorry to say this but I am still not good at directions and I don't think President will let me travel alone again. I got off the bus at the wrong place and ended up at some cemetary so the STLs in that area had to ride a tryke to come get me at like 9:30 at night hahaha that was pretty funny. 

You Know You're in the Philippines when...:
Yup this is one of the places where burping is totally normal. Filipinos are pretty open with bodily functions so thats...yeah. 

Tagalog word of the Day:
"Huwag kang magalit" Don't get mad! That is a funny expression here if someone's tone sounds a little upset you can just tease them by saying this :) 

Spiritual Thought:
Something I have noticed in my study of the Book of Mormon is how many times the savior teaches that we need a broken heart and a contrite spirit. I am reading now in 3 Nephi of his personal teachings and he tells the people how he has now fulfilled the law and we no longer need to give him burnt sacrifices, but he asks a sacrifice of ourselves. In 3 Nephi 9:20 he says to him who has a broken heart and a contrite spirit he will visit with fire of the holy ghost. This means the state of our heart is preparatory to feeling that burning influence of the Holy Ghost and remission of sins. When we realize the life we are living, in a carnal state, without the guidance of god, following only what we want, is a dark and purposeful path, our hearts are broken. We need to reach this state and depth of humility, to acknowledge our great need for the guidance of the Lord. But the Lord's plan is not for us to stay in this state. A contrite spirit, is a pure and sanctified one. How do we obtain this? In Helaman 3:35 it tells us HOW to gain a pure and sanctified heart- "fast and pray oft...stronger and stronger in humility, and firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ...which sanctification cometh because of their yeilding their hearts unto God." We need to be teachable, we need to be humble enough to realize our own knowledge and capabilities are not enough. Only God's will and our complete supplication to him will guide us to reach our full potential and full, lasting joy. As I said earlier, we do not stay in this broken heart state, but through faith and humility and obedience to the lord, as it says in Helaman 3:35 our souls will be "[filled] with joy and consolation." I have experienced this personally on my mission, knowing I would be nothing without the Lord's care, the strengthening power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and the constant guidance of the Holy Ghost. But with the complete godhead on my side, we are here working mighty changes in the hearts of the people and in our own hearts as well. 

Mahal Kita
Sister Rhea Joy Walters

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