Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week of June 12, 2016

Man this week was full of ups and downs (just like Baguio and it's stairs haha, bad joke) I'll give you a list of highlights:

-UP: The mom of the Pascua family passed her baptism interview and is SO excited. 
-Down (actually let's be more positive and call it opportunity for growth- OFG): The Bishop likes the interviews to be two weeks before so he is able to announce it in Sacrament meeting so her baptism got pushed back a companion doesn't know if she will be transferred before then or not! 
-UP: Her daughter is now home from the hospital and is doing great! They found three scists in her stomach so now she is on a super soft diet. (No rice, as a filipino that's like death) The members helped a TON and meant so much to the family 
-OFG: I got to personally experience how skillful mga magnanakaw (stealers) are here in the Philippines...yeah my wallet got stolen. It's cool. 
-UP: Sister missionaries are now wearing slacks here! This is to protect our legs from the mosquitos and not get dengue fever. It is a pretty weird feeling I'll be honest but SO much more comfortable 
-OFG: This is actually a literal down because I had a pretty funny fall this week, the muddy roads are SO slippery when it rains and sometimes our pathway is pretty skinny hahahaha 
-UP: We found some new investigators this week! I love teaching first lessons and opening up peoples eyes to the possibility of MORE in their life, of the hope and the light that the gospel can give their family. You just hunger so much to teach everyone you see of how happy the gospel could make them. 

Missionaries can Laugh Too:
My fall was pretty funny but another time my companion laughed pretty hard at me was when these little kids chased after us and said "Sister sister! May nakakacrush sa iyo" (there's someone who has a crush on you) You get pretty awkward as a missionary with these sorts of things so I just stood there and finally mummbled "um...yuck" The kids smiles faded and they just looked so confused hahah I felt so bad and my companion thought the whole situation was so funny, then gave me a few phrases that would have been a more appropriate response for little kids. 

You Know You're in the Philippines when...
You know that duck face people make in their selfies that everyone kind of makes fun of? So that's how Filipinos point to things. What you might point at with your finger, they turn their head and pout their lips in that direction. It was the weirdest thing to get used to but Itll be hard to get out of the habit later haha! 

Tagalog Word of the Day:
Pitumpo't pitong puting pating (77 white sharks) 

Spiritual Thought:
Man everytime I try to make my blog short but missionary work is just so great. Okay this thought is about prayer. There is a section on PMG about having effective prayer and how important our communication with God really is. Gordon B. Hinkley made a stated that sometimes our prayers can compare to a grocery order; we call, say what we need, and hang up. Or sometimes people view prayer as only necessary when they are in a crises. Brothers and Sisters Heavenly Father is not a solely a repairman. He is a real living and breathing being how is our loving father, watching over us at all times, hoping we counsel with him in all our doings and pray to him always. I have experienced and immeasurable difference in my sensitivity to the Holy Ghost and it's guidance in my life as I truly pray as if my Heavenly Father is right there listening. How would we feel if our best friend was talking to us with their mind elsewhere, half-hazardly saying the same things, and not really making the most of maybe our once a day long-distance phone call? This week we shared 2 Nephi 32:9 with our active member and less active lessons to emphasize the importance of the sincerity of our prayers. Every prayer needs to be a fervent call to our Father, full of thanks, concerned for the welfare of others, and with specifc requests for our heavenly father, truly believing that he will answer, but always willing to act on whatever his will is for us. 

I challenge you to evaluate your prayers at this time in your life and make whatever changes you need to to ensure that we are truly using this incredible gift He has given us to communicate, as a treasure to us and a sacred time to converse with our loving Father in Heaven. 

Mahal kitaaaaa!!!!
Sista Walters 

Can you believe we get to wear pants sometimes?  thanks for the bugs!!!

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