Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 3...March 3, 2016

Time is so weird at the MTC. I feel like I look at my watch and think "how in the even heck is it only 10 in the morning" but here I am writing about my week and it feels like I just got up from the computer last week. Another great week though! Those sisters I said moved in last week, obviously didn't like us because they moved out the next night. Ouch. Just kidding, they just got switched so they could like with other international girls! We did get 13 new members to our branch yesterday though so they already doubled us and then some! My kasama and I are Sister Training Leaders so I am going to do my very best to make the MTC as incredible for them as it is for me. I feel for the missionary babies, that first week is pretty much the longest of your life. The missionary oldies left us yesterday for the Philippines and it was pretty tough to say goodbye. You get close really fast here when you are enduring the same trials and stuck in the same building for 10 hours a day :) Tagalog is still coming along great, I love SYLing (speak your language). We are teaching three "investigators" right now and it could get overwhelming, especially when you have a relief society to direct and a district meeting to teach but hey who the Lord calls, he qualifies, so I'm relying a LOT on His help. 

Also Dear Elders are seriously like Christmas morning so feel free to write and just tell me about your day! The big man upstairs and I are getting really close so you can let me know if you need anything, and I'll put in a good word ;)" (unit number #204, departure date MAR 23) 

You know you're in the MTC when...

The chorister at the MTC devotional brings out the 1800's hymnbook and says we are throwin it back and singing "Come Thou Fount" and you seriously would have thought Zac Efron walked in the room with all the squealing from the girls. It was HILARIOUS how nerdy you get here about spiritual stuff. Missionaries are so weird. Okay yeah I got pretty excited. 

Missionaries Laugh Too...

So I don't have a story as good as the Sister Pizza fiasco last week but during our lessons this week I did something kinda bad. Our investigator was acting like a real Philppino and he was like adding praises to our prayer saying "oh yes Lord" and "mhmmm sister" and "Oh salamat, salamat (thank you)" and I just start busting out laughing. I had to basically chew off my finger so I could stop, because they get pretty upset if you don't treat it like a real lesson. Then he yawned really big and weird and I busted out again, and had to explain in as much Tagalog as I could that I just thought it was funny that he yawned but it's okay because I yawn too (how lame is that?!) it's all I could save myself with. 

Also I fell up the stairs to the cafeteria. Skirts are great for that. So that was fun. 

Spiritual Thought...

Tuesday night we had the opportunity to hear from Brent H. Nielson of the 70. He has had the pagkakataon (opportunity) (there's your Tagalog word for the day) to work closely with all of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the 12. He said on his mission, when talking to someone about prophets and how we have one in our day, a man on the street asked him "Well what is your prophet telling you today?" He had perfected his testimony of a living prophet but hadn't ever contemplated that question. It is an incredible and critical foundation to have a testimony of our prophet today and that they speak the word of God to us, but do we know what they are saying? Are we familiar with their talks and with their examples of Christlike behavior? God, because of his incredible love for us, sent us prophets to guide us. Are we using them to guide our everyday decisions and our life decisions as well? 

He went on to share just 6 points that he has learned from a few of the Apostles that are simple but carry significant weight in our lives. 

From President Monson- "He/She whom the Lord calls, he qualifies." 

From Elder Packer- "In this church, we have no fear. Fear cannot co-exist with faith." 

also from Elder Packer, the "Doctrine of Proximity" This teaches that revelation comes with action. The Holy Ghost will tell you where to go when you are out on the street. He will tell you what to say when you are on the front porch. You don't get closer to doing anything, when you haven't even started. So go out on a limb with what you do know and the Lord will tell you the rest as you go. 

 From Elder Holland- "Remember Lot's Wife" 

From Elder Bednar- "Alma 23:7-8" Bury your weapons of rebellion. 

From Elder Anderson- "Ask about them. It's not about you." 

I found ways each of these applied so much in my life, season, and mission right now. I could share how I expounded on them but I challenge you to look into these pieces of advice and study the words of our leaders. What significance do these principles have to you? How will you begin now to apply them? I know we have inspired leaders and we will be blessed as we diligently try to follow their counsel. 

Mahal Mahal Mahal Kita, 
Sista Walters 




  1. Rhea, so good to hear from you again. This is the first I've had time to read your blog. I love all the experiences you are having, except the fall on the steps! Hope no injuries, or injured pride. Keep up the good work. I pray for you every day. And I pray that the ones who hear your message will open their hearts to make it a part of their lives. Keep up the good work!!! Love you so much. Aunt Maxine was cutting my hair today (It gets caught in my SPACE HELMET and she said she bet I miss having you comb my hair!!! Until I hear from you again!!
    Love, Grandma

  2. Rhea, so fun to hear your experiences from the MTC! It's a great look into that part of a mission and hear more of what goes on there in the learning. You are inspiring :) Our kids are learning French here in Montreal and I really wish we had a mini-mtc here to help with the language!