Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Monday, June 12, 2017

Faith, Sacrifice, and Consecration


There are a lot of things that happened this week that weren't, in short words, the happiest in my life, BUT let's focus on the positive and I'll tell you about my favorite day of the week. 

On Wednesday we WORKED, the WHOLE day. Ah it was soooo nice to feel that exhausted from walking, the heat, talking to everyone you pass by, helping current investigators, finding new ones, man I miss just straight hard missionary work. That feeling you were able to give the Lord your all is the best :) There was one finding experience in particular, an area where they are not kind to missionaries, to say the least, haha, but we just had faith! If they love Jesus Christ, then they will let in his worthy representatives. The person we went for was gone, but the next door we knocked on, was a family! And they let us in right away! I kind of just stood there with a huge smile on my face until they did but it worked! I love the feeling of teaching a complete family, how they can achieve happiness together through the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Speaking of families the Tan family is progressing great. It may be slower than I want, but at least they are sure. They really want to understand everything before moving on but the mom is very interested in her family becoming eternal. And just last night, we were walking home and the mom texted saying "good evening everyone. Sister Walters, I am happy to let you know we just prayed earlier as a family for the first time. Thank you so much." Aaahhhh tender missionary moments. 

As far as health. the ears are good, the stomach is okay, now it's just migranes from the heat and then I got a nasty cold cause it randomly starts POURING and my umbrella got stolen. I didn't want to stop working though so I said I was fine as long as my scriptures didn't get wet. And now I'm sneezing all over the place so my companions have a right to make fun of me haha but hey after everything that's happened on this mission, I will take a cold and some headaches 

Tagalog Longest word
something like this "pinakanakakapagngingingingingitanpinasinusinusinugalingan" Family can you please take a video of yourselves saying that? If you need you can start with "pananampalataya" or "nakakapagbabagabag" (faith and bothersome) 

You Know You're in the Philippines When: 
Bucket showers are far more preferable than head showers. And the cold doesn't even shake ya 

Spiritual Thought: 
In our stake broadcast yesterday Elder Bednar gave an amazing talk on how true faith leads to sacrifice, and ultimate sacrifice leads to complete consecration of ourselves unto God. 
"Faith always leads to righteous action" said Elder Bednar.
Faith is also what leads us to sacrifice for the Lord. Elder Robbins called it "celestial math" that the Lord always gives us more than anything we will give up for him. This faith must lead us to willing obedience like Adam who, when asked why he was making sacrifices responded: "I know not, save the Lord commanded me." 
To be honest, this past week I have no idea why some things have happened and why other things are going to happen in the mission. There are some responsibilities, callings, or assignments or challenges that are so so hard. Many times I have wondered if I really can keep going. But I know I need to become like Adam, and not ask why. but get started, as my grandma says "pick up your bootstraps" and keep on smiling. Whatever I am asked to sacrifice I know the Lord has promised blessings in store. 
We may sacrifice a couple things for the Lord but true consecration is giving up our whole selves, our everything for the Lord to refine and rebuild us. We may sacrifice by saying we would die for the gospel of Jesus Christ, but Elder Bednar invites us to be consecrated to the Lord, consecrated members, and live for the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

these are some pictures of the views, investigators, and my companions on sister Ormby's 6 months, also our favorite buko shake stand, and seeing the Bacnotan members at stake conference!! 

oh yeah ps Funny Moment: played "hair fight" at president's house for a family home evening- you put a piece of hair on a plate with water and then blow it. of course, mine is the only blonde so I have to get reeeaallly close to see it. Then President comes and slaps the water with his hand I got a face full of it. Thanks, President Bangal ;) haha I'll also attach a video of the game I taught them for FHE, they LOVED it. 

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