Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Saturday, January 28, 2017

wwoooaahh we're half-way theerree (with sister swainston's training)

We took district family pictures before Elder Decosta got transferred to Baguio
I can't remember if there is a lot to say this week or not much...they are just so fast and blurry haha 

We had MLC again this week and just as I got there the new Trainers of the batch coming in where leaving aanndd I SAW SISTER BERRY!! My beloved anak (child) is training so now I have an apo! (grandchild) and My nanay (mom or trainer) is training again as well so I have a sister too. That's how family trees go in mission life. 

Pretty cool experience this week but the story starts a couple months ago. I was jogging on the beach in the morning and really wanted to just "be alone" cause thats how I like jogging (even though my comp was there too haha) anyways I had this way strong impression to talk to this family playing there. So I got over myself and talked to them. Long story short last week I saw her name in the phone and texted her- she said she cried cause we still remembered them and was excited for us to come to their house- we brought the Ortega family to come teach with us. BOOM she felt the holy ghost so strong she cried again and didn't know why she got goose bumps as soon as I started talking in the lesson- then she came to church (early- that's unheard of) and told me she will start saving every week to pay for their transportation to church because it feels so good there. THE LORD PREPARES PEOPLE! Her name is Hazel. Please pray for the Assistente family :) 

We taught the Villanueva couple the Word of Wisdom and they will have to give up coffe so we bought them a survival kit for the first week haha :) 
For the Villanueva couple 

We had more time at the house because my companion gets pretty dizzy with the foot medicine so she would need some more time to nap. But hey the Lord blessed us a lot because the four or five hours that we could work we had a FULL schedule. Our president is really pushing weekly baptisms or at least 4 in one month so we are trying our best and are praying what we've lined up for February will work out. 
A missionary's To Do list when the comp is sleeping 

Missionaries can Laugh:
Our italian investigator told us about Mother Teresa in his broken english and just repeated "I love you too much, i love you too much" while holding a book about her. It was pretty funny cause he was staring at Sister Swainston so i teased her saying she had new boyfriend :) 

Know you're in the Philippines When:
Emotions get kind of high kind of fast so at stake choir practice the pianist / leader walked out and I ended up teaching and playing. While teaching the tenor's their part the cute old bishop (Brother Aguilar) was so tone deaf we were dying haha. I checked their notes individually on the word "no" and we get to him and it was like I don't even know where so everyone was like "NO!" cause his note was wrong. Good times. I love the Philippines. 

Maraming butiki- lots of lizards. That's what scurries around the walls and floor here. 

Basically just be obedient to the Lord'c commandments. No matter what obstacles you have or when we think we are "exceptions" God only asks us to follow his commandments and he promises we will enjoy a "blessed and happy state" (Mosiah 2:41). We could be lazy and use my comp's foot as an excuse but we are diligent with our studied and make any hour we can proselyting effective, and he is blessing us. We know all success comes because of him, not from us. So that's the message. Be obedient. Just do it. Ang Diyos and bahala sa mga biyaya na darating sa iyo. 

Sister Walters 

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