Sister Rhea Walters

Sister Rhea Walters

Monday, May 23, 2016

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Week Highlights: 
-We had Stake Conference this week and the choir director asked our mission president for reinforcements so we were able to sing and that was way fun! The Filipinos LOVE singing and it really doesn't matter how in tune you are, as long as you're confident hahaha 
- I celebrated my 100 days in the mission and my companion celebrated her 5 months! In order to not get "hard headed" on the mission after 100 days, naturally I tried ulo ng manok (head of a chicken) because that's pretty soft.. Yeah I'll talk more about that later. 

We went as a district to these gardens where they have you dress up as the igoro tribe..
-While we are on the subject of food I also tried dugo (blood, but they barbeque it somehow), and keso ice cream,. yes it's cheese flavored ice cream. 
-We had FHE with a member family as a district which was so much fun! The filipino games are hilarious and whoever loses always has to do some sort of talent :) 
-Rainy season is definitely here or very on it's way because we get rain about 3 times a day! 
-If you remember the Pascua family, we started teaching the mom first (the funny pregnant one) then focused on the teenage daughters, they all came to church this sunday! The mom just had her ninth baby but she walked with her 8 children to come to church. Seeing them in the best sunday clothes that they could, so happy to be at church, was honeslty one of the prettiest sights I've seen in the philippines! 
We love the Pescua  family !  So fun to see all of them come to church and humbling as they walked all the way...

Missionaries can Laugh Too: 
The funniest moment of the week was probably my reaction to barbequed chicken head..i expected more like a chicken nugget so I just bit into it. I came to realize it really is just a head and it has brains and bones and yeah. Iyan lang. 

For my 100 days I celebrated and learned...ask before you eat....

Tagalog Word of the Day: 
Eh di WOW- this is an expression here meaning like "Good for you" 

When your mom sends you some rockin EFY music in a party!

Spiritual Thought: 
In our 90 Day challenge for the Book of Mormon we are now in Alma, reading of the teachings of Alma and Amulek. I noticed something I hadn't before about Amulek's experience taking in Alma, being an hungered and faithful servant of the Lord. Alma requests some bread and rest and Amulek replies that he can come in because he knows he is a prophet of the Lord and he will bless his house. Then as I paid more attention to the wording and sequence of the story, I realized that while Alma dwelt at Amulek's house, an angel came to Amulek to teach him and testify of the things Alma was going to teach. This way Amulek gained his own testimony in his house before he went out to preach with Alma. 

Brothers and Sisters do we accept our Prophet and his Apostles into our homes? Do we listen, study, and apply their teachings in our families as Amulek did? He had a testimony of Alma as a prophet and knew he would bless his house. I know that the words of our prophet will bless our homes and make them a place of revelation for us, just as the angel revealed truths to Amulek. Let us make more diligent our study of the Prophet and more faithfully apply ALL his teachings and into our families. How would you want your home to appear if the Prophet was going to come? And more importantly what spirit would you want in your home? I challenge you to prepare your home and lives every day so you could accept the prophet just as Amulek did, at any time. 

I know Prophet Thomas S Monson is truly called of God and speaks God's will to us. I know through diligence to his teachings we are following Christ and will fulfill more completely our divine roles as children of God. 

Mahal Kita!!
Sister Walters 

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